Biofeedback Training

Biofeedback Training is the process of training yourself to see the signs of different things from your body, being able to detect changes in muscle tension, brain function, skin temperature, stress levels, and bodily functions in such a way that your autonomous systems can be controlled by your mind directly rather than being uncontrolled.  Training sessions usually involve you sitting in front of any number of machines for any kind of task, and gradually learning how your body works.  Many CEOs and sports professionals take biofeedback training courses and one on one training sessions with expensive machines in order to improve themselves and their abilities when thinking - although modern science sees it as somewhat fallacious in claims.  Some areas biofeedback training do work, and are proven, while others seem to be on a case by case basis for effectivity.

Usually in the case of a muscular monitoring for biofeedback your body will be monitored by sensors, and an output display will be in front of you.  As you react you see the monitoring change and the output change, eventually you being to see what you are doing, and feel it.  The same is true for other methods, brain wave, sweat glands, skin surface heat, and an assortment of other things that can be thought of.  As you learn these responses you gain control, and with control you can in theory loosen tensed muscles, relieve your own headaches, and get rid of moods that do not benefit you.  In the case of brain monitoring you learn how to switch from one mode to another mode, that is, switch from one pattern to another to give you optimal ability of tasks in front of you and to improve your over all thinking and problem solving abilities.  Many places offer biofeedback training, however it can be pricy depending on the equipment they use.